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I have set up a profitable marketing system and my (first) book has been published. I am being invited to give presentations all over the country about my CONSENT-method®, which is about effective decision making on the basis of equality. I give trainings and I train other trainers. Working with systems I learned during the Open Circles trainings means that being an entrepreneur is now easier than ever for me. I can do more work, and I get better results.

Baudy Wiechers – Owner,

I took an enormous leap of faith when I quit my job and decided to become a musician. Thanks to the courses from Open Circles I have transformed my mindset from 100% employee to that of a real entrepreneur. I now even support colleagues in their entrepreneurship! I have implemented a lot from the Open Circles material, with as a result that I get more website visits and repeat orders. My company Poptroubadour is growing very well.

Arnoud Kas – Owner, Poptroubadour

I joined Open Circles because I wasn’t sure where to go with my business, how to get more clients and how to structurally increase my turnover. The courses solved all these problems for me. Not like magic – of course I was the one implementing – but I got exactly the structure I needed, the practical steps and the clarity. Since then everything has only been going better and better!

Elske van de Fliert – Owner,

My vision of entrepreneurship has totally changed since I followed several Open Circles courses. I have implemented a lot and I’ve grown enormously in my business, financially and personally. Thanks to this growth I have been able to realize a long time dream of mine and I have moved my family to Thailand. Recently I have started a new joint venture to help women with breast cancer combat the side effects of chemotherapy.
Andrea Cusinello – Owner,
Thanks to what I learned at Open Circles, I’ve increased my income by 76.6% and my customer list increased by 50% in less than 60 days. I continued to implement what I learned. The result? I managed to more than double my income and increase my client database by more than 140%! I also stepped out of my comfort zone and started hiring people to help run my business and it works like I could never have imagined! And I am networking in a much, much different and more effective way now.
Jean Pierre Doran – owner,  Black and White Barbershop

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