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  1. Choose one new place to visit
    (Vered and I will be trekking in Nepal this year, and live in Vienna for a month)
  2. Create (or re-evaluate) your business vision and mission statements
  3. Find a mentor or a coach
  4. Spend more time with friends
  5. Go for a walk or run without a destination
    (that’s the hardest one for me… without destination)
  6. Drop the word “impossible” from your vocabulary
  7. Learn more about your area of expertise
  8. Get an accountability buddy
  9. Take laughter breaks (go to a comedy club or watch some comedies). Laughing counts as exercise.
  10. Delegate
  11. Focus on what you really want (my happiness, health and relationships are my top priorities)
  12. Write letters to people in your life to let them know what they mean to you
  13. Every month do something you never did before
  14. Take time to reflect on the past year (What went wrong? What went great?)
  15. Say “yes” to opportunities, even if they’re not perfect
  16. Write a personal mission statement
  17. Evaluate your skill set
    (my Spanish is just not good enough. Time to put in some serious effort)
  18. Eat fewer calories (seriously… you’ll live longer)
  19. Create a Vision Board to visually represent your goals
  20. Stop wasting your time (life is too short)
  21. Every week do something that scares you
  22. Share your feelings with a special someone
  23. Go on a retreat
    (we’re leaving tomorrow for a month of Panchkarma in Sri Lanka)
  24. Get serious about growing your business (if it doesn’t grow, it dies…)
  25. Grow something to eat (cherry tomatoes or lettuce are an easy start)

51. Set some mood lighting (or light some candles)
52. Eat healthy (stop consuming sugar and processed food, drink more water…)
53. Get yourself a personal (or virtual) assistant
54. Write your obituary. What do you want said about you when you die?
55. Collect the money people owe you
56. Find a new topic of interest or a new hobby (I’m going to learn to play the guitar this year)
57. Document your successes
58. Work out. Regularly. Every day.
59. Slow down to think, plan, visualize, meditate or journal…
60. Acknowledge yourself (our acknowledgement diet: write down 10 acknowledgements every evening)
61. Set a budget (or if you prefer… a ‘spending plan’) and learn to live within your means
62. Commit to practice a new marketing strategy
63. Refresh your wardrobe (buy something new, that you really love)
64. Start a blog
65. Set appointments you’ve been putting off (dentist, grandmother, old friend…)
66. Get rid of clutter (in your house, your office, your wardrobe…)
67. Spend more time with yourself (and learn to enjoy your own company)
68. Realize you are a role model. Start behaving like one
69. Stop a bad habit (smoking, laziness, wasting time on Facebook…)
70. Finish what you started (there is no success without completion)
71. Tell one person each week that you love them
72. Automate what you can in your business (email marketing, social media posting, appointment scheduling…)
73. Donate to charity (or start a charity for a cause you believe in)
74. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Every day.
75. Try a DIY project (I actually have 3 IKEA chairs waiting for me in their boxes…)

To your success,

Nisandeh Neta

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What are you going to do now to make sure you make 2017 your best year ever?

Think about it.

I’ve got some ideas for you… or more precisely 100 ways to kick-start your New Year.

My goal is to get you thinking and to inspire you to reach further, go faster, and achieve more than ever before.

This list is supposed to energize you, but if you feel little overwhelmed… start small, focusing on just one thing you want to accomplish.

This life is yours to make of it whatever you desire, so start now!

26. Create a joint-venture deal with a non-competing business who serves the same target audience as yours
27. Rethink relationships (if a friend or relative is putting you down, or is not there for you… it’s time to let them go)
28. Take action now
29. Confront a fear that you’ve always had (I overcame my fear of the dark, by walking 40km in nature, on my own, starting at midnight in a country I didn’t know and didn’t speak the language)
30. Write down your goals for the upcoming year (business, money, health, relationships, family, personal development, contribution…)
31. Stop any social media activity that doesn’t bring you measurable business results
32. Take a television break for a month (or get rid of it altogether)
33. Follow-up on any lead
34. Organize photos  (we’re often making collages from all those digital photos cluttering our mobile devices)
35. Find a new way to generate income (preferably a passive one)
36. Make a list of books to read in the upcoming year (here are 3 books that changed my life: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, Born to Run, The Better Angels of Our Nature)
37. Take more naps
38. Try a new cuisine (last year we fell in love with Lao food, we can’t wait to taste the Nepalese one)
39. Take a break (make a clear transition from last year, to the New Year)
40. Say “no” to obligations, distractions and interruptions
41. Write a NOT-TO-DO list (and post it where you can see it most of the day)
42. Schedule family time (and make it count)
43. You’re going to make a difference in the world, and collect some Karma cookies.
44. Write your bucket list (all the things you want to do, have or be before you die)
45. Talk to a stranger (you might find a new friend…)
46. Work in blocks of uninterrupted time (consider the Pomodoro Technique)
47. Detox your body (make sure you get medical advice before going through an intense detox)
48. Journal (Vered is writing 3 pages every single day for over 30 years)
49. Network more
50. Reconnect with friends or relatives you’ve been out of touch with

76. Get a haircut or new makeup look (I thought of going bald, and changed my mind… Maybe next year)
77. Spend time in nature
78. Have a party (with friends or alone… But make sure to celebrate more often)
79. Invest in making your product or service remarkable
80. Create a supportive environment around you
81. Listen to favorite music (we’ve just spent days listening to Leonard Cohen singing Hallelujah)
82. Join (or start) a mastermind group
83. Find out how much money you need to retire (and make a plan how to get it)
84. Be on the lookout for beauty anywhere
85. Deliver value to your target audience. Every day.
86. Create a promotions calendar
87. Enjoy life (your family, friends, neighbors, clients, suppliers, pets…)
88. Set an intention for the day. Every day.
89. Go to a neighborhood in your own town you’ve never visited before
90. Commit to ask for – and listen to – feedback (from the right people)
91. Go outside more (preferably where the air is clean and the scenery is beautiful)
92. Smile as much as possible (you’ll be surprised how many people will smile back)
93. Get a massage to relax and nourish your body
94. Speed up your implementation. Take decisive action as soon as you’ve got a good idea
95. Every day.
96. Get rid of your ‘flop’ clients
97. Learn a new language (it’s one of the best ways to prevent dementia)
98. Schedule date nights with your partner (and make them holy)
99. Connect to me on LinkedIn  (I have some special gifts – only for my LinkedIn connections)
100. This one is for you! – Take a moment and let me know in the comment box below what would you do to kick-start your New Year. A few days after you post your comment – I will send you a secret link to get a VIP ticket to the one-time “Expert Business BLUEPRINT” seminar in February (worth €595).

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