Your content is the bridge that potential clients should pass, to transform into paying clients. Do you have the right bridges in place?”  

 Nisandeh Neta

Write content that drives clients

5 easy ways to write great content

Nisandeh Neta is a Master Entrepreneur who has devoted his life to helping business owners fulfill their greatest potential by teaching them how to become more successful personally, professionally and financially.

He has been teaching entrepreneurs for the last 20 years and has helped more than 150,000 people all over the world with his seminars, books and videos. He is the author of the bestseller book: “Elements of Success”, which was praised by Brain Tracey, Stephan Covey and many more business leaders.

Our big vision is to create a better world by empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their greatest potential. Our mission is to reach at least one million entrepreneurs around the world and create a movement of at least 1000 enlightened millionaires. Being completely digital allows us to do just that. Nisandeh and Vered are passionate about changing the way education is delivered and our team of creative people share this ideology and are working hard behind the scenes to make it happen.

We’re dedicated to enhancing the lives and businesses of people from all walks of life and in all types of professions.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, Open Circles can support your education with our online portfolio, especially designed with you in mind.

How do we do that? Through a series of educational programs, webinars, online courses, mobile app and so much more. We’re committed and absolutely love to teach, guide and support more entrepreneurs than ever before, because it’s the independent professionals, freelancers and people with entrepreneurial spirit who are really driving the future of our world, our economies and global innovations. Come and join us!

Open Circles Academy – From Live Seminars to Online Courses

Building on 20 years of experience with Open Circles, Nisandeh and Vered Neta launched a spin-off company in January 2016 – to take on their mission of empowering entrepreneurs all over the world. Having spent years training, mentoring and inspiring 150,000+ entrepreneurs through live events, seminars and advanced courses, it was time to expand.

Located on the tropical island of Tenerife, the new side of the business is focused on all-things digital. The backbone and the legacy of Open Circles Academy remains; we love to help people fulfill their greatest potential. How we are doing it is where is gets really interesting…