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I’ve worked with 120,000+ entrepreneurs over the last three decades, and made millions in several businesses over the years. I’ve started 7 successful companies in five different industries and became a self-made millionaire when I was 23 years old. Sure, because of my youth and naivety at the time I lost it all – but before 40 (and a lot of hard work later) I became financially free and an Enlightened Millionaire.

I spent $250,000 to help me make that happen. I studied alongside some of the greatest from the industry including Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Chet Holmes, Harv Eker, Rich Schefren, Marc Victor Hansen and many, many others. My company, Open Circles, skyrocketed to the fastest growing training company in the Netherlands and I went from freelance to running a multi million dollar business!

I consistently filled rooms with more than a thousand coaches, consultants, freelancers and small business owners at a time, who were ready to grow their business. People had to pay all the way up to 3997€ to attend some of my courses.

If you are thinking about making a jump forward in your business career, this is the best place probably in Europe, maybe in the world to do it.

Brian Tracy – Chairman & CEO of Brian Tracy International

It gives great valuable information that you can use to actually grow your business. I highly recommend it.

 Dustin Mathews – CEO & Partner at Speaking Empire

Follow all the courses and be ready for magic to happen.

Robert Benninga – Founder of Mind Power International

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