Business Bootcamp: The Ultimate Collection

What is Business Bootcamp?

Over the last 7 years there have been 25 business bootcamps and every single one of them has been a sold-out event.

Over 25,000 entrepreneurs have visited this business-changing experience in Amsterdam, which has added an estimated $250 million to the Dutch economy.

During the Business Bootcamp you learn all the most effective mindset, goals, strategies, tools and systems in to boost your marketing and sales, social media, networking and time management. Next to that you will shift your mindset into the one that every master entrepreneur needs in order to make it in the new economy.

Follow this life changing experience from the comfort of your home and learn how to fulfil your greatest potential as an entrepreneur.

What the experts say

Over the years we’ve had the privilige to welcome many different experts to the Business Bootcamp. The video shows you what they thought about their visit. 

In the Business Bootcamp Ultimate Collection you will find powerful lessons from experts like Brian Tracy, Rich Shefren, Dustin Mathews and Tom Beal.

What the attendants (maybe participants) say

We love every single one of the 25,000+ people who have attended the business bootcamps. Those guys make an amazing community of openhearted, honest, kind people with incredible businesses!

Here’s what they liked about the Business Bootcamp and why they keep coming back again and again.

About Nisandeh Neta – the creator of the Business Bootcamp

Hi my name is Nisandeh Neta. I was born in Israel in 1968, to a normal middle class family of two hard-working parents.

By the time I was 18 I had started my first company. I became a millionaire by 23. A few years later I became a millionaire again, but this time in the red.

I lost everything. However, I picked myself back up and by the time I turned 30,

had started (and sold) another five successful businesses. In 1995 I started Open Circles Academy with the mission to help entrepreneurs to fulfill their greatest potential.

My mission is to touch the lives of a million entrepreneur and create a movement of one thousand enlightened millionaires.

What you will learn in Business Bootcamp

In The Business Bootcamp Ultimate Collection you will discover how to introduce your product or service to the market in the most effective way for your business.

The ultimate marketing system

In this chapter we will talk about how marketing has changed over the years and how to make the most of those changes by utilizing the new marketing possibilities that are out there.

Effective Networking Methods and Principles

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you know how these things go. You have some wine and some snacks you talk to some people and you exchange business cards. In the end nothing or very little comes of it.

We’ll show you how to network in such an effective way that networking events will become a very important part of your marketing, because they will start to bring in clients – even if you’re an introvert.

The Mindset of The Succesful Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is about more than just building a product or service, we all know that. This chapter will cover how you make sure you have the right vision and the right mindset to make it in this fast-moving world.

An entrepreneur is more than their product, an entrepreneur is someone who knows where they are and where they’re going. Guess what? They also know how to get there. Does that sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll take you through it step by step. 

How To Attract More Clients Through the Right Use of Social Media

As an entrepreneur you know that you need an online presence. In particular that means being active on social media.

This chapter will answer questions like ‘Which social media platform should I be active on?’ ‘How do I make sure I post something people will want to look at?’ and ‘How do I keep social media from taking too much time?’ Actually we’ll teach you how to keep your social media presence going in less than an hour a day.

Time Management Skills That Can Save You 2-3 Hours a Day

How familiar does this scenario sound: you’re working on something very important, getting stuff done, feeling productive. Then your phone tings, you have received an email, or it rings and you go to take care of it real quick, or your kids decide this is the best moment to get into a monumentous fight. You get distracted and before you know it it’s midnight, everyone is asleep and you FINALLY can get down to finishing your work. 

In this chapter we’ll teach you how to make all that midnight work history.

And many more…

There are many more areas of business and marketing that we will cover in this comprehensive training. We will teach you all the strategies you need to know. From direct email marketing theories to very practical implementation methods.

Bonus Material

We want to make sure you have the very best experience with the Business Bootcamp, so we have some amazing bonuses for you!

If you buy the Business Bootcamp Ultimate Collection now you will also get access to arrange of bonuses including but not limited to:

* Marketing session – email marketing, blogging, social media

* 10 Best Ways to Lose a Deal

* Remarkable Product

* VIP Productivity session with Brian Tracy

* LinkedIn Profile – 14 points to improve

* and many more…

Extra Bonus Course

The Ultimate Collection

We have bundled the best of all the Business Bootcamp editions together with some greatly valuable bonuses.

We called it the Business Bootcamp Ultimate Collection. Here are some of the chapters in the collection:

  • The Ultimate Marketing Strategy
  • Effective Networking Strategies
  • The mindset of the Master Entrepreneur
  • How to attract clients through social media
  • How to develop focus and increase productivity
  • How to implement lessons & reach all your goals
  • …and many more valuable insights and strategies to grow your business

On top of the Business Bootcamp itself we want to give you some very insightful bonuses, including the sessions we’ve had with different experts like Brian Tracy, Tom Beal and Dustin Mathews.

The best part is: you don’t have to decide now

Step 1: Get the Business Bootcamp Ultimate Collection now.

Step 2: Try it for 30 days

Step 3: If you aren’t happy you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

No questions asked! No fine print clauses! No long phone calls! No endless forms to fill out!

Get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

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