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What is Business Growth Acceleration?

This is a special offer for a more advanced course for those looking to seriously grow their business.  

Every business should be profitable within the first 3 months. If it isn’t, you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry if your business isn’t profitable yet and you have been working at it for more than three months. There are simply some things you don’t know. That’s where we come in. 

In the Business Growth Acceleration course I share with you 10 lessons on how to make your business grow faster. None of these 10 things will cost you any money, but they will help you grow your business. They helped me grow five businesses to profitability in three months totally from the ground up.

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Where, when and how to attend

  • Details: A full recording of the Business Growth Acceleration Course
  • Access: You can watch it from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime
  • Length: 2 hours in total


There is never a better time than now

It is time to give yourself the gift of a profitable business. 

It is time to stop worrying about breaking even or how far below the line you’ll be this month.

It is time to accelerate the growth of your business. In this course I will show you how I grew five businesses to profitability in three months. It’s not that difficult, it just requires implementation and dedication. 

I invite you to become profitable. 

About the mentor: Nisandeh Neta

Hi, my name is Nisandeh Neta. I was born in Israel in 1968, to a normal middle class family of two hard-working parents. 

By the time I was 18 I had started my first company. I became a millionaire by the age of 23. A few years later I became a millionaire again, but this time in the red. 

I lost everything. However, I picked myself back up. By the age of 30 I had started (and sold) another five successful businesses.

In 1995 I finally moved to the Netherlands with my wife Vered and founded Open Circles Academy. My mission is to help entrepreneurs to fulfill their greatest potential. 

I want to touch the lives of at least 1 million entrepreneurs and create a movement of 1 thousand enlighted millionaires.  

If you’re thinking ‘I can figure this out by myself’…

If you’re thinking ‘I already know this’ …

I am not saying you are wrong, you may actually be right. I don’t know what your level is right now.

However, every time you think of learning a new skill or acquiring new knowledge you should always ask yourself these three self-assessing questions:

  • Am I putting this knowledge in practice?
  • Did I master this knowledge 100%?  
  • and especially…does it show in my bank account?

And finally, if you’re thinking ‘I can get this stuff somewhere else for free’ …

Ask yourself the question: What do I actually look like when I get free stuff?



As you are serious about your education … here’s what you’ll learn

  • Chapter 1: Planning: How to define the perfect practical towards the successful achievements
  • Chapter 2: Pricing: How to determine the price range and step out of mediocrity
  • Chapter 3: Blogging: How to use blogging as a marketing tool that gives you an unfair advantage on the competition
  • Chapter 4: Case studies: Learn from the mistakes of others.
  • Chapter 5: Interview: Learn from the champions
  • Chapter 6: Re-animate ex-clients: Clients are not supposed to hit and run. Make them stay for good.
  • Chapter 7: Marketing: top 100 clients
  • Chapter 8: Acquisition. 10 top clients 
  • Chapter 9: Cash flow: what to look out for and how to keep it running smooth
  • Chapter 10: Daily routine: create the habits of success and stick to them more than you usually do

What do you regret more, missed opportunities or failed attempts?

What you have to do next is simple: 

Click on the orange button below and invest in your business.

Normally this course sells for $497 but I am giving you a special opportunity here. 

You have a 24h opportunity to get it for a special price of $97 

If this is right for you, I want you to take it, if it’s not then I don’t. As simple as that. I want to work with motivated people.

The offer includes:



  • Lifetime access to the Business Growth Acceleration Online Course
  • A wonderful community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • 10 chapters of valuable video that will make a real difference in your business

30day Money-Back Guarantee

You don’t need to decide today. Try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you get full 100% refund.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action” – H. Spencer
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