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Content to attract Clients and Referrals – a crash course

Each company that does not have content which moves people along the marketing line, is killing itself.

In the following video, Dimitris Bronowski, the CEO of Open Circles Academy in Tenerife, is explaining:

  1. How to understand which content is missing that keeps your business from growing, (Starting at 3:01 in the video)
  2. How to create a simple content system in a few hours that will bring you more clients through referrals and (Starting at 12:08)
  3. Which tools you can use to manage the content (Starting at 22:30).

If you prefer to read, you can download the transcript and the summary attached below.

Here, you can find the transcript of the video and a quick summary that can help you remember the main points while implementing them.

To your success,

Screen-Shot-2016-10-11-at-23.32.41Nisandeh Neta

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