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At Open Circles Foundation we strongly believe that empowerment comes through education. If we are serious on eradicating today’s global issues and achieving our greatest potential, education is key. Therefore Open Circles Foundation focuses on providing education in developing countries.

Also outside of our core business, we still implement the same vision: “Creating a better world by empowering people and organizations to fulfill their greatest potential”

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And more about our previous philanthropic projects

2014 – The Barefoot College & WWF. The College has been pioneering solar electrification in rural, remote, non-electrified villages, since 1989. The College has demystified solar technology and is decentralizing its application by making it available to poor and neglected communities. By ‘de-mystification’ of solar technology and ‘de-centralization’ of its application, we mean placing the fabrication, installation, usage, repair and maintenance of sophisticated solar lighting units in the hands of rural, illiterate and semi-literate women. Read more…

2013 – Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship supports aspiring entrepreneurs by offering practical business skills and access to coaches to offer guidance, mentors to share their experiences and financing opportunities to enable growth. Open Circles Foundation supported the Branson Centre in Johannesburg with funds for the education of the young entrepreneurs. In February 2013 both Vered and Nisandeh were invited by Sir Richard Branson to mentor young entrepreneurs in that Centre.

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