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“If you do the eBook in the right way, if it is authoritative, it has value,
value for what your clients want, it will rise your expert position”

How to Create an Engaging eBook

that brings in lots of new leads

A few weeks ago we wrote an article about the importance of opt-in magnets. We then discussed the video format of such a magnet. Today we’d like to discuss a different option: the eBook.

People consume content in different ways, and though for some video is the perfect vehicle, others prefer to read. That’s why it is always a good idea to have your opt-in magnet ready in different formats, so that you can appeal to people with different styles of consuming content.

Besides being a different format, and eBook can also convey much more value than a video can. You have more space to explain your points, and the threshold for reading an eBook is slightly higher than simply watching a video, so you can expect your audience to be a little more engaged.

Simply because an eBook requires more effort, it is a great way to qualify your leads. Someone who is willing to go through the entire book is potentially worth more to you than someone who just watches five minutes of video. The person who read the book is obviously more engaged and nearer to a point where they will consider buying from you.

If you do it right, you might even gain some passive income out of eBooks. Wondering how to do this? Check out the video below.

Press play on your potential,

The Open Circles Team

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