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How to take action and grow your business

Unless you take positive action to grow your business, your business will stay small.

But there is a crucial reason that most people do not take action, and a simple way to change that.

The reason I chose to write about this today, is because of what happened recently:

I started making available some of our courses online here. Almost 4000 business owners already got access to them.

I received a lot of feedback, questions and doubts.

There were plenty of business owners that loved the courses but were not sure where to start and how.

I realized that in the majority of the cases the problem was simpler than most people thought.

To understand that, let me share with you how I look like when I watch a course (and whenever I research ways to grow a business).

I always have a small notebook next to me. Whenever I find a great idea or insight, I ask myself:

How can I apply it?

And then I write it down.

But the way I write down things might be different than most people do. I think in some cases, this is what can make the difference between building an 8 digit business and staying small.

I will explain by giving an example.

If I am watching a course like the Remarkable Product Masterclass or the Secret Formula to Success, the first thing I make sure of is that I have a clear question in mind.

For the Remarkable Product Masterclass (RPM), I would have something like:

What simple changes can I make to my product or service offerings that can make my offer ten times more attractive to clients?

For the Secret Formula to Success (SFS) I would ask something like:

What are the simplest changes I can make to increase profitability?

As you can see, it is easy to understand while watching the courses when one advice answers the question or not.

The second thing I do is crucial.

Many people create to-do lists and never actually take action. I believe the problem is in the way they write down the ideas.

When I find something that answers the questions I mentioned above I write down the action I need to take in the following format:

{Action Verb} + {Defined End/Clear Action}

Let me explain.

The Action Verb is the verb I would use to describe what I am doing. It is usually one of the following:

Write, create, call, record, research, delegate, watch, decide.

The last one is crucial.

Most people think that they create action lists, but they actually create decision lists.

What I have seen, is that if you are not clear about the difference, then you will most probably procrastinate.

So, if you need to make a decision, schedule time to make a decision. Once you made a decision, make sure you write down how to execute it.

Once you have the action verb down, then you need to write the exact action you will take.

When you read the action, you need to be able to immediately visualize how you will do it. If you cannot visualize it, then you might need to make a decision first.

Write down the decision you need to take, or, if you can, decide right away.

For example, in the Remarkable Product Masterclass, I explain how a toothpaste company increased profits by 10% by merely changing the size of the toothpaste’s output tube diameter.

Now, I don’t sell toothpaste, so I don’t need to know how to make toothpaste get out easier…

But I know that the more quality information my students can get, the more their business can grow. So, I need to find a way to help them get more relevant information easier.

So, I would go back to my notebook, and I would write:

Review all current offers to identify three ways to help clients determine which courses to see first.

Or it would be something like:

Create a blueprint that shows to people what they need to watch depending on the size of their business.

As you can see, first I write the action verb. Then, I add the action that needs to be taken in a way that is clear to me what I need to do and when I have concluded what I needed to do.

In the first case, I know I am done when I have three ways to help people understand what they need to watch.

If they are not sure, they might procrastinate.

So I would create a guideline like this:

If you are a coach or consultant, first watch the Expert Masterclass to understand the overall principles. Then, watch the Master Entrepreneur and create your action plan. When it is time to create your videos or blog posts watch the Video Marketing Masterclass and the Business Blogging Masterclass.

That’s one of the three ways. Now, I need to create two more. See how it works?

Keep in mind the formula:

{Action verb} + {Defined end/Clear action}

The Action Verb forces me to think if I have taken the necessary decisions, the Defined End helps me see when my action is complete and the Clear Action makes sure I can visualize how I will conclude the action.

Do you have a particular way to make sure you take action? I would love to read it in the comments below.

Till the next time,

Live fully, be awesome,

Nisandeh Neta