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Half a century has passed since Martin Luther King’s famous speech:

“I have a dream.”

This is one of the most recognizable phrases in history and yet…

There was something that I was stunned to discover…

This phrase was NOT part of King’s speech script.

One of the most famous phrases ever and yet, it just wasn’t there.

King did not include it in his script.

How did it appear in the final speech and what does this have to do with your life and business?

When King stood in front of a live crowd of 250000 people, and millions more watching on TV, he…

Winged it.

He put his notes aside and went off script. Why?

It all happened because of Mahalia Jackson.

Mahalia was King’s favorite gospel singer, and she happened to sit behind him.

Once he started his speech she shouted:

“Tell’em about the dream, Martin!”

Martin continued reading his script, but then… Mahalia shouted again:

“Tell’em about the dream!”

And then, it happened.

The moment that gives most people goosebumps when we hear those words.

“I have a dream” King started saying.

And the rest is history.

Why is that important?

You see, every person that reached his or her dreams, had always been hearing voices.

Those voices came from mentors, successful people or just simple people, who cared enough to share their thoughts.

I always considered having those voices as one of the most important assets a person can have;

An asset that can help me and you transform our personal and professional lives.

The Open Circles Academy’s legacy was built based on what Nisandeh Neta learned from Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey.

OCA became a multi-million company and became the host for Open Circles Foundation.

While OCA helped more than 150000 entrepreneurs grow their business and brought more than €22 million of revenue, its foundation helped change lives around the world, freed slave girls, built schools, brought light where there was none.

Nisandeh Neta put all the lessons he learned about transforming your life and business from Bill, Richard and Oprah here.

If you are seeking a transformation in your personal and professional life, this might be it.

If you have a dream, take the step, dream with us.

Which choice will bring better problems?

Dimitris Bronowski

CEO Open Circles Academy