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Nisandeh wants to talk with you…

You might have noticed my silence the last weeks.

The truth is that I had so many things to share, but I just had to put all my focus on something else.

You see, the last months we were “cooking” something with Nisandeh, and it kept me busy.

For a moment, I want you to imagine sleeping, and hearing something behind your ear.

As you slowly turn and open your eyes, you notice a real size elephant looking at you, two centimeters away from your eyes.

That’s exactly what happened.

We started small and it turned out to be bigger than we ever thought…

Almost magically, amazing people joined our paths and efforts, and powerful partnerships were created across the world.

I am dying to tell you more… but I promised Nisandeh to keep my mouth shut.

But in a nutshell…

Nisandeh is back and wants to talk with you.

But not to everybody.

He wants to talk only to the people that want to know.

In a few days, he wants to let you know a bit more about what’s coming.

As I said, I can’t say much… but here it is:

This story is going to include Hollywood, broadway, media, and a global movement.

It has the capacity to make a difference in the lives of one billion people by the year 2025.

And you can be part of it.

You can even stay with Nisandeh and Vered for a week, in Tenerife, all expenses paid.

You can live inside a magical treehouse, with a view toward the ocean, and a sky view over the bed.

You can spend the day with Nisandeh and Vered, and get connected with the beautiful nature around the property, and simply slow down.

If you are interested to know more about what’s coming make sure to add your name in the form:


Nisandeh will get behind his laptop again, and share with you parts of this amazing journey, and explain how you can be part of it.

Now, Nisandeh wants to hear from you. He has one question: if there was one thing he could teach you, that would transform your life from good to extraordinary, what would it be? Please share it in the comments below, he is going to read each one of them.

Which choice will bring better problems?

Dimitris Bronowski

CEO Open Circles Academy