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The one thing that makes life and business easier

I have been working with Nisandeh for more than a year now.

There were many lessons I learned from him.

Although he will start communicating directly with you tomorrow morning and during the next weeks (if you agreed to be contacted by him)…

I would like to share one of those lessons.

A lesson that transformed my life, and the way I do business.

This one lesson, made everything easier.

You see, for years I was struggling to understand how to make better decisions.

I couldn’t identify how to make the right choices.

And then, I followed Nisandeh’s Life Plan Design process.

I learned that a clear definition of your ideal life makes business and life easier.

Once you know your passion and purpose you can take life changing decisions in seconds, both in business and life.

The reason is simple.

Once you know your passion and purpose, every choice you make, and every decision you take has to be in favor of your passions.

Keeping that in mind, every time you need to decide your next action, you only have to read your passion list and your vision statement and ask:

Which decision will help me get there?

The answer to that question is all you need to define your next actions.

But, how do you get that clarity, how do you design your ideal life?

While following Nisandeh’s Life Plan Design process, there two things that helped me.

I realized that most people look to the future to find their purpose.

“How do I want to be in five years? In ten?”

Nisandeh taught me that looking backwards reveals a lot more.

When you start looking at your life’s past successes and failures, something magical happens:

You start discovering important patterns in your life.

This simple understanding, followed by a bit of introspection according to Nisandeh’s questions, helped me see what life has been trying to tell me all along.

There is one more thing that I loved though.

I realized that a lot of people try to imagine their ideal life to understand what they truly want.

But Nisandeh revealed to me something different:

Thinking of your ideal death might be a better choice.

Knowing how your ideal last day on earth looks like, and knowing what you want others to say when you passed away, can help you clarify what’s truly important.

I could share more about it, but I’ve learned that giving answers to people that didn’t ask a question is not wise.

But if you do have questions, if you do want to live your ideal life, and start living your life by design, I have good news…

Nisandeh will soon invite only 12 people to his house in Tenerife, in a life changing retreat, and help them create their ideal lives.

If you have questions, if you feel that you need more clarity to your life, if you want to create a life of purpose, simply let Nisandeh know here:

When it comes to planning your life, what is the one question you would like to ask Nisandeh? Comment below and he will respond. Also, if you agreed to be contacted directly by Nisandeh, make sure to check your email tomorrow morning. He has a message to share with you.

Which choice will bring better problems?

Dimitris Bronowski

CEO Open Circles Academy