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Set yourself free from financial worries

10 Mistakes That Cost You Clients, Cash & Reputation

A powerful PDF document packed with tips on the mistakes that will hold you and your business back.

 Crowdfunding Secrets Webinar

Learn the secret strategies behind Nisandeh’s hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns and why crowdfunding is the ultimate marketing machine in this 1H free webinar

 The Profit Formula: Profit = P * P * P * P * P * P

30min webinar walking you through the 6 Ps you need to master to pull in more profit.


Passive Business Income

Generating passive income is an absolute must if you are striving for financial freedom – without it you’ll never really get off the ground.


Enlightened Millionaire

Being an Enlightened Millionaire is about having such an abundance that it’s much easier to  financially contribute to good causes that help improve our world.


Business IQ Masterclass

Learn the most valuable business lessons from the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. We cover the business strategies of three of the most successful entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.