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Break through your limits and reach success

  The 10 Best Ways to Keep Your Focus Laser Sharp

Successful entrepreneurs have sharp minds but have so much to juggle at once. With clients, payments, new innovations, big ideas, email and marketing demanding your attention – maintaining a laser sharp focus can be tough. Lern 10 ways to eliminate distractions and concentrate of what’s really important.

 SPICE: The Success Recipe

All good dishes need a good recipe and SPICE guides you though the recipe for success. It took Nisandeh years to master this recipe and It’s yours for FREE. Get to know the recipe, but most importantly, learn how to use it.

 3 Key Mindsets of a Master Entrepreneur

This inspiring class will elaborate on the 3 key mental cornerstones that can help you to pave your way to success. Learn how to plug those vital traits in your own entrepreneurial life and strengthen your most important asset: your mind.


Master of Influence

Get attention, become an authority & be totally irresistible! Learn how to influence your audience so they take the action you want.


Excellent Health Highlights

Healthy habits are the backbone of a strong and resilient entrepreneur who stays in shape and focused on moving forward.


Make Up Your Mind!

Change your perspective, change your business, change your life. Are you ready for the next step? We’ll help you achieve all this and so much more.