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Questions that can grow your business

Is there such thing as a “wrong question”?

When you look back, do you ever realize that many times you gave brilliant answers to the wrong questions?

Let me give some examples:

Maybe you tried for weeks or months to create a service that nobody asked for.

Or you wrote content that no one was looking to read.

And perhaps, you explained benefits that a potential client didn’t care about.

I know I did.

In essence, all those mistakes are just us trying to answer the wrong questions.

The moment I realized that, I took a decision:

to start each day with a question in mind.

Not any question though.

I needed the “right questions”.

During the day, I ask myself the same question again and again.

It gives a meaning to the day.

Also, I found out that the best answers I ever got, came when I was trying to answer those questions.

So, I would like to invite you to try it, for one week, and see the results.

One question per day.

Now, you might already know which questions are the “right” questions for you.

If that’s the case, then just take 3 minutes to write a list of 7 questions, one for each day.

But if you are not sure I invite you to join me for a week of questions.

The first question that I propose answering is the following:

-What are the things that I can add to one of my products or services that will make more of my clients buy another product or service from me?

Ask that question during the day, and every time you get an answer, good or bad, write it down.

Create a list, but do not judge your ideas. Write them even if you feel they are not good.

Example 1

Imagine you are a health coach and you have a client that came to you to help him quit smoking.

Could you add one assessment related to his nutrition habits? Maybe simply ten questions to answer?

If yes, then you can increase the probability of him asking you for support on that area.

Example 2

If you are selling a physical product, could you record a quick video on how to best use your product?

If yes, then you can ask each client to check the video.

Now ask yourself, what else can I add to the video that will make that client realize other ways I can help?

Maybe you can explain a few situations that this product shouldn’t be used, and let them know that you have another product.

Next steps

Now, this was just one question, and I invite you to ask it again and again today.

Last week you learned what to ask to generate passive income.

This can be your question for tomorrow.

I have created a list of 5 questions I wish I have been asking myself years ago when I started my first business.

Those questions would have helped me avoid frustration, expenses and loss of time.

If you want to receive those 5 questions that can help you grow your business, just share in the comments one question you think people should ask themselves this week. Then, you will receive by email the remaining questions.

So, what’s your question?

Which choice will bring better problems?

Dimitris Bronowski

CEO Open Circles Academy