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“Good writing is not so much about divine inspiration,
but it’s having the right strategy”

How to develop the right mindset for writing your book

In two weeks, on Friday, we will start the new challenge in the BizKaizen Facebook Group. Over the course of a few weeks we will watch the videos from a course together and help each other to implement. This time it will be the ‘Write Your Book Course’.

One of the most important aspects of writing your book is your mindset. Without the right mindset you might work incredibly hard, but you won’t get your book written and even if you do, it won’t fit right with your business strategically.
To prepare you for the challenge (you can participate if you join the group right here), I’d like to share one of the first videos in the course with you today.

I’ll tell you how to develop the right mindset so you can get your book written in 28 days!

Please note that the Facebook Group is only accessible if you’re a member of BizKaizen. If you haven’t yet joined our growing community, you can do so here.

What inspires you when you think about starting your book, what is it that holds you back, what do you think you need in order to really get started? Let me know in the comments!

See you in the challenge, and until then

To your success,

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