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Take ownership of your financial freedom

Last week, I shared the beautiful news about Nisandeh’s and Vered’s vision to reach a billion people, and how you can stay in contact with them or even visit them in Tenerife.

Today, I wanted to share just a small part of what is coming.

And although I say “a small part”, it has already helped people reach financial freedom around the world.

What I find exciting, is that all the pieces seem to be falling in place, in front of our eyes.

Every week, something bigger is being built…

I am extremely excited to be part of it…

And even more excited, since I can finally give you an easy way to be part of it TODAY

As you probably know, for many years Vered helped women become financially independent leaders.

What you don’t know though, is that Vered’s vision of helping one million women, seems to be readily achievable…

…way sooner than we ever expected.

The first step of what is coming has been already taken.

Vered just made her best selling book Financial Independence for Women available in a digital format globally for the first time.

Financial Freedom for Women

This is the book that Roy Martina called a timeless and priceless guide to creating true financial freedom step by step.

Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo said that it “delivers the necessary tools to take charge of your financial destiny, no matter who or what comes into your life.”

But before launching it to the world, Vered wanted our community to have access to the revised version, so that you can take ownership of your financial success today.

For this reason, and for just a few more days, you can find it on Amazon for 99 cents (if you are not the Netherlands, you can find it here).

I urge you to buy it, and simply start reading the first pages.

My promise is that it will be hard to let this book off your hands after that…

Now, if you missed the news about Nisandeh’s and Vered’s new path, and want to stay in contact with them, or even visit them in Tenerife, take a moment to let them know here. Nisandeh has joined the conversation, so you can talk with him directly. If you believe that someone in your network should know about it, please share this blog post in your social media.


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Dimitris Bronowski

CEO Open Circles Academy

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