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The 4 questions you need to ask to get more clients (Referral Marketing)

Getting referrals might be one of the easiest, most straight forward and at the same time most efficient strategies to grow your business…

Yet, it is vastly underused…

Hundreds of thousands of coaches, consultants and service providers literally lose money every day, because they don’t have a simple referral marketing system in place.

This is what I will help you do here.

I will explain the main principles of an effective referral system and the 4 questions you need to answer to build one. Then, you will be able to find also a resource that can help you get more referrals step by step.


Getting more clients through referrals is easier than you think.

The first thing you need to know is the following:

You can ask for referrals, whenever value is given or value is recognized.

For example, the Business Bootcamp grew through referrals to be the biggest live marketing training event for coaches, freelance consultants and service providers in the Netherlands. We helped more than 100 thousand professionals…


Because there was so much value given and there were so many people that recognized this value.

But we did not sit there waiting for them to refer others to us.

We asked them to do so. When? Whenever value was given or recognized.

But most people need something more, an extra push:

They need to know that they help somebody else while giving the referral.

So we gave them ways to help others: VIP cards, free access, valuable content.

We had a full referral system in place that consistently and predictably brought us more qualified clients.

Now, there is one more issue that needs to be discussed:

Most people will miscommunicate what you do unless you tell them how to talk about your business.

Even if people are willing to give referrals, most of the time they do it the wrong way, and that makes you lose clients.

To build yourself a referral system that works you need to ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. When do my clients receive value?
  2. When do my clients acknowledge that value is given?
  3. How do I want people to refer me to others? (What is the one sentence I want them to remember?)
  4. What resource can I give them that they can give to potential clients, and how can I make them feel that they help their network succeed or prosper while they send them the resource?

If you are able to answer these questions, then you can build a great referral system simply by:

Giving to your clients a resource they can give to their network while making sure they talk about your business in the right way.

Most people though struggle answering those questions.

So, I created a FREE PDF that will show you how to get clients through referrals.

My promise: by going through the process you will know exactly what is missing in order to get more clients through referrals.

After that, you will be able to implement immediately and get the new ideal clients that you and your business need.

You can get FREE access to the 20 Steps to Get More Clients through Referrals here.

Once you go through it, I would love to read how you plan to get more referrals in the comments below. If you have questions, I will give you my feedback and further suggestions.

Also, if you have someone in your network that could benefit from getting more clients, please, share this blog post with them. It might be exactly what they need to grow their business and serve more people!

Till the next time,

Live fully, be awesome

Nisandeh Neta

To your success,

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