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What is Video Marketing?

Video is the fastest growing medium of communication on the internet. As entrepreneurs we know how important it is to keep in touch with our customers online.

Video is a quick, free, easy way to connect with your target market and really talk to them. I’ve often heard that it can be a scary experience to record yourself or that it is hard to think of what exactly to record. In this course I will share with you 10 different kinds of video that you can start with right now to connect with your audience and to grow your business.

There are many more types of videos but I believe these 10 are essential for business growth and they are the easiest to start with.

There is never better time than now

It is time to connect with your audience in a way they can relate to. It is time to really talk to them, personally. It is time to start using video in your business.

 In this course I will explain to you exactly how you can start using video and what kind of videos you should be making.

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools, it is time to start using it to fulfill your greatest potential.

If you are thinking, I can figure this out myself…
What you will learn in this masterclass

What we’ll cover:

The 10 most effective types of videos to grow your business
– What type of videos work on Facebook, on your website, on your landing pages, with case studies
The most common mistakes to avoid
What equipment to use through case studies
Tips & Tricks to look awesome on camera (from an expert videographer)
– How to easily overcome the fear of standing in front to of the camera
– When and why to use each type of video
The step-by-step action plan (what to do first and what to do later) without getting overwhelmed


How will it change your business?

This course will make you aware of the various possibilities that you have when it comes to using videos to grow your business. It will help you tell apart the different type of video for each occasion and what suits best for each strategic marketing objective.

Also, you’ll easily overcome the reluctance of standing in front of a camera and bring home an easy-to-implement action plan that will walk you through the steps and avoid you are overwhelmed with unnecessary technicalities.

After this course, you will be able to start using videos with full confidence for all your marketing campaigns and even get ready to wing it LIVE!

Cool! What Next?

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